static timelapse of huxleys neue welt – including people camping for Joshua Bassett. one vertical column of pixels is one minute. generated from 785 photos taken from 6 AM to 7 PM.
procedurally generated crosshatch studies w/ html5 canvas & perlin noise scan effects
"OpenFeint is the pile of bones worn into the foundation of Discord telling us it was built on land that will very occasionally flood to great catastrophe. It was founded in 2009, was given a huge ecosystem of plugins and support, gained ten million followers, took in roughly $12 million of known VC investment, was sold to a Japanese company in 2011 for $104 million, and was fucking dead in the ground by 2012. By the flickering light of its Viking funeral, Discord was founded and the cycle began anew."
Discord, or the Death of Lore
due to my utter inability to let go of the whole dithering thing (technically beating a 47 year old dead horse) you're now able to take dithered selfies by using kamerad. send pics of yourself or UFO sightings to
(this is the most beautiful one yet. originally i thought these would play out to be purely ornamental, but i'm starting to get used to having a unique "identifier" per terminal session and notice myself scrolling all the way up to check if i got the right tab. also wondering if terminal sessions have an inherent unique ID of some sorts that could be used as a seed for these identifier images. update: they do! `echo $$` outputs the pid of the current session.)
randomly generated ascii art on every new terminal window with qeesung/image2ascii and this fine script by Nathan Reed from 2012.